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Sunday, September 9, 2018

are you thirsty?

Being in a dry place seems in opposition to being full of the Holy Spirit. When in fact being in a dry season puts you in the direct place of asking, receiving, finding.  
It puts you on your face before our Holy Father. 
*A place of humility.* 

This position is exactly where the Holy Spirit has a space in your heart to do mighty things. He convicts and gives you the gift of repentance. Repentance is the first act that brought you into the presence of God through salvation.
So why do so many of us avoid this place of repentance?  

Possibly we fear the spotlight on our 
un-surrendered self. 

Or perhaps it seems painful to change. 

Sometimes we are heavy with guilt under the pressure of sin. 

Often we are too proud to admit we have sin.

There are any number of reasons.

But our Heavenly Father always had us in mind with love when he created repentance. 
It’s a reset button...a refreshing way to get to walk into the freedom we were created for. 
A place of transformation into His image.