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Sunday, July 14, 2013


these are a few of my favourite things in july.

july's orangey sunsets are magical

we had an especially pretty one last night.

i love the summer activities you can join in...like
         the nashville gloRun...ready, set, glo.
i love how the zinnias are mimicking the sunsets.

i love when one or more of my grand~girls comes over to spend the day and night with her marmee.

 i love when the sun comes filtering through and sparkles on everything in it's pathway.

i love when the kids let loose and play in the water.

  i love that the chicks are getting big and go to roost.

          i love how each one is...
so different in colour and personality.

     i love how summer tickseed goes crazy with blooms
                     when the sun decides to shine.

 i love how a green pot can look good with so many hues of green planted in it.
 i love how the tiny heurchera blooms
          above it's wide leafed base.

i love when the sun dances on leaves and they light up under it's warm glow.

          i love the smell of monarda.
i love how these leaves start out bright green then turn dark and reach out for the sun.

i love any kind of fern but love the way this frosted fern looks like i've been painting her insides white.

i love when the vining susan's start taking over the posts on our rusty ole bed in the front potager.

 i adore rusted things in the garden be it an
 old garden gate twisted with ivy or my
 newly acquired bee skep that i am still
 looking for the perfect place to let her virtues shine.

 each rusted ole piece deserves a place to be admired.

           i have always adored fresh flowers.
of course sunflowers are a great cut flower for july.

 who doesn't love all the fruits and veggies of the summer.
        i for one love summer time food.
 i am a flip~flop kinda of girl...so i am one happy girl      when it is the season to wear these non~stop.

             i love drinking a cold coke
          from the bottle on a hot summer day.
i love cuddling my best cuddling girl, vivian.

i love summer days that end like this...you really don't want them to end at all but if they have to this is a great way to say so long.

happy summer~tidings to all of you.