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Monday, June 3, 2013

tiny blooms etc.

   i admit i love anything that blooms.  but the blooms aren't always on a grand scale...this year i have taken notice of the tiny blooms.  i have removed a front fenced in area's worth of grass...which is about 40' by 30' approximately. this is where we have our potager with raised beds. after deciding to get rid of the grass we are now in the process of adding ground~cover in a good part of that area.
             i love ground~covers that bloom.
 little tiny hover bees love this little light blue
       flowering grass we are using as a ground~cover.
chocolate bugle weed has the most beautiful delicate purple flowers and the most deliciously chocolate coloured leaves.

morning glory with it's tendrils winding
  it's way around the garden, also used as a ground~cover.
these tiny pink blooms shoot up from their silvery grass to make a beautiful blooming ground~cover.

there are also plenty of other tiny blooms and some not so tiny blooms going on in my june garden.
            purslane opening up for the sun. their leaves
            are tiny but their colouring is just magical.
      angelina popping it's mouthlike blooms open.
     cone flowers bursting forth with all their finery.

 nandina bushes readying to bloom with
                     so many little white blossoms.

              unfurling lavender clematis.
           large open~faced lavender clematis.
               tiny wild strawberry blooms.
 huchera shooting out their ever so tiny blooms in a
                  chocolate pot with flowering herbs below.
wendy's wish salvia planted recently. i found this in the nursery for the first time this year and planted it as a nod to my sister,
 meems, at hoe and shovel. 
     look closely for all the tiny pollinators
                        on these delicate blooms.

 some pansies planted amongst the strawberries 
hanging on nicely.
       all white...icy drift....ground~cover roses.
still waiting to be planted from a weekend purchase.
    oak~leaf hydrangea starting to flush out it's blooms.

trumpet honeysuckle...major wheeler.

then there are many, of which i only captured a few, non~blooming plants that capture my attention as well with their lovely leaves that are brilliantly coloured. 

 our barberry bushes are the most brilliant combination of 
green, pink, crimson, and dark blood red.

          the veiny coleus is called fishnets.

 i love all the dark leaved varieties that are coming out now and this hurchera is one of them. i think this is the one called obsidian.
another two hurchera...lovely purple 
leaves and wonderful burnished leaves. 

of course, i am always enamored with the large blooms on the magnolia trees.

happy june gardening.