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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

may flowers

what a gorgeous day here in middle tennessee.
the sky was blue and 
our black locust tree is in bloom.

it has been a very cool, wet spring here so planting has been put on hold until today.
it is still very moist around here so it is slow going.
we did get our purple mustache beans in the ground.

dave used his new dibbler. we planted on three of the four corners of our old wrought iron bed in our front fenced in are or as we call it the victory garden, the potager, our raised beds...we call it different things at different times.

our native wisteria that was planted last year is starting to bloom.  it is on the two outside corners of the front yard white picket fence that houses our potager, raised beds, also known as our victory garden. 

 just inside that white picket fence flanking our iron gate is two clematis in the most beautiful hue of lavender.

    these are very large blooms with wide open faces.
we haven't really started our summer edibles yet but most of what is growing in our raised beds are herbs, annuals, garlic and onions. we have finally managed to get the grass removed and have pine straw as our base in that fenced in area.  i have begun to plant ground cover and it will take some time to get it to fill in.
ajuga reptans, chocolate chip is one of the ground covers i have chosen. this ajuga is a low growing, narrow leaved ground cover with compact variegated foliage: dark green splashed with chocolate, with burgundy highlights.   
i have also planted a low growing vining verbena.
 i find these charming little plants are fairly carefree. the fact is, the main problem is paying too much attention to them by over~pampering, overfeeding, or having them where they get too much water. 

the fact that they are purple makes it an easy choice for this girl.
i have also found some native grasses that bloom and have been adding them around special features like the cast iron urn and pedestal. this grass(and the name eludes me right now) has the most delicate little blueish/purple flowers.

our wild strawberries are blooming and green strawberries are appearing under the large rick/rack leaves. it would be nice if we get to eat them before the birds get them.

two barberry bushes flank the side entrance of our white picket fence...i love the contrast it gives up next to the fence. it has an ornamental element as well has the fact that it is deer resistant, helps with erosion control, and the wildlife love it. 
it is thorny but i love the colour and the way the branches   cascade away from the center of the plant. 

i did remove several of these that were planted by the previous owner too close to the front steps that led up to the front door. they had become a nuisance.
we replaced them with two large containers planted with boxwoods, sedum, and a dark leafed heuchera,obsidian.
also in the ground another heuchera(i believe it is venus) with variegated lighter green leaves and a fabulous new to me bush...the reblooming lilacs.

 vivian is my constant companion while i am outdoors.
  i love her keeping me company plus she is adorable.

ethan has been a big help to us this spring there are so many chores to do on the farm. here he is filling the sock feeders for the finches.

i found a couple of eggs while gardening...tiny, fragile, i'm not sure what to do except admire them. 

     some curly parsley coming back in a terra cotta pot.
the view of the porch from the garden.

newly acquired decorative tin 
shapes hanging from the porch.
i put this sign up a few years ago for christmas and haven't taken it down since. you can see it as soon as you turn into the driveway and it speaks to me. the bust of marie antoinette was a local acquisition several years ago. i love antiques in the house, in the garden, and on the porches. this little stroller came from an estate sell a few years ago.
              the finches are happy to be eat
              as much niger seed as we put out.

 our apple picking ladder greets our visitors as they arrive with a basket of greens...the old seeder is usually filled with some kind of annual...right now pansies
and cat grass.
 these bright fuchsia clematis are so plentiful this year...they are in the back yard attract some beautiful
       pollinators...it's fun to watch them buzzing around.
  peonies are getting ready to burst out...i
      love there big ole blooms with so many petals. 
 it's feeding time around here and everyone knows it.

dave with beatrice.
our black locust tree blooming against the most beautiful blue sky and green tree line.

the sheep know it is feeding time too.
pebbles growing like a weed.

 bam bam II is almost as big as pebbles even
           though he is almost a month younger.
 renny gets his food first but first a hug, always a hug.
           next the sheep get their food and
 then the babies lambs  get their special lamb pellets.

           bam bam...such a beautiful little ram.
              he always looks to be smiling.
fred our ram loves to get his head rubbed.

the dogs wait patiently to get fed after the pasture animals.
               rowan sitting handsomely in the sun.
 after the day was done we had a nice long chat around the fire-pit burning all of our newly trimmed branches.

when the weather is nice...you can really accomplish so much and that makes for a great day on the farm.
happy may days to y'all.