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Monday, February 24, 2014

colours of my winter's day.

this is just a glimpse into a lovely sun~filled very cool day here on the farm. i am enjoying the lovely colours i have available during what could be a drab winter's day in leiper's fork, tennessee. but it is not so when you start looking.

i hope you enjoy.

it's the simple things that give me pause.

 sundrenched winter's afternoon with chicks free~ranging.
                  beautiful boy rowan.
                 kitty's momentary stillness.
       watering can backlit with the sun's rays.
 sunlight bouncing off the garden pottery onto ivy leaves.
                   the shades of rust.
                lady violet standing tall.
             colours collide at the backdoor.
             open cage policy around here.
           lovely azure sky over dash home farm.
            i adore black and white...even in puppies.
             big beatrice and all her glory.
                antique fire~pit chair.
   juniper~the speckled sussex...checking out cornhole.
                        bee plaque.
dragonfly plaque.

       there's something beautiful about rust and green.
                    zinc watering can.
              alice~partridge plymouth rock.
                  eleanor~easter egger.
              persephone~salmon faverolles.
            van gogh~golden laced wyandotte.
                    stacked firewood.
                       work gloves.
                 mason single~bee house.
                    uncut firewood.
                     sunbathing rowan.
                 brown~eyed beauty.
          maggie's tree...golden desert ash.
                      fire~pit seating.
                        my view.
                  the winter blues.
       pull up a purple bench to enjoy a fireside chat.
                    adirondack blues.
                 astrid~splash marans.

             birchbark basket with pruners.
                     my sweet juniper.


  1. I loved strolling through your wonderful farm with all these fabulous photos. Rowan looks so striking as always. Kitty is growing up so fast and proving to be a handsome one. Fred and Betty and all the chickies... so fun to see. love and hugs